Please use the following as a guide only.  Requirements may differ depending on your personal circumstances.

Where possible please provide original documents.  We will return all originals once we have taken copies.  We will let you know if any additional information or documentation is required for your loan.

Personal Identification:
  • Drivers Licence or Photo Card
  • Medicare Card
  • Passport or Birth Certificate
PAYG Income:
  • Most recent 2 payslips
  • Group Certificate or ATO Notice of Assessment
Self Employed:
  • Last 2 years’ personal and business tax returns
  • Last 2 years ATO Notice of Assessment
Bank Statements:
  • Last months’ statements for all bank accounts (savings, transaction, credit cards, personal/car loans, HECS)
  • 3 months’ bank statements showing savings history
Existing Debts:
  • Statement for the last 6 months for existing home loans
Sale Contract:
  • Copy of the contract for the property being purchase
Existing Home Loans:
  • Statement for the last 6 months for existing home loans
  • Most recent property rates notice
Debt Consolidation:
  • Statement for the last 3 months for existing personal debt or credit cards being consolidated
Investment Loans
  • Evidence of property income (copy of lease, rental appraisal or tax invoice)
  • Copy of fixed price tender and plans
  • Copy of council approved plans
  • Copy of guarantor’s ID
  • Copy of guarantor’s rates notice for security to be provided
  • Copy of Guarantor’s home loan statement (if applicable)

Note about bank statements.  Both Murray Home Loans and the lenders need to be able to verify that the statements provided relate to accounts held in your name.  Postal style statements are the easiest way, however, they aren’t always the most up to date.  Therefore, you can combine the postal-style statement with internet banking statements so long as there are account numbers in common.