Low Doc lenders do not require traditional proof of income such as company financials or tax returns.  They can be a flexible solution for self-employed people.

Low-doc loans require less paperwork to show savings history and capacity to repay the loan.  Most lenders want to see your BAS or, if you have them, details of previous tax returns.

Low-doc loans have allowed thousands of Australians who, for various reasons, have been rejected by mainstream credit providers, to access a mortgage.  If you can supply sufficient documentation you will usually be able to borrow at mainstream lending rates.

Low-docs usually attract higher interest rates and establishment fees than conforming products.  Nowadays, low-doc loans have lower LVRs so you’re not able to borrow as much as before (perhaps restricted to 60% or 70% LVR).

Most lenders offer a low-doc product, so there is plenty of choice between lenders, loan features and interest rates.

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