From industry best practice and personal experience, we believe in the following:

  • A mortgage broker should try to understand who you are and what you are looking to achieve, to help you meet your goals.
  • Using a Mortgage Broker should be easy.
  • Talking to us should be simply and friendly, not like talking to someone in some remote location you will never hear from or see again.

What or who is a Mortgage Broker?

  • In its simplest form a Mortgage Broker assists customers in obtaining a home loan.
  • A Mortgage Broker acts as a go-between between the you (the borrower) and the bank (the lender). This can encompass everything from preparing the applications to negotiating the interest rate or going through the loan contract page by page with you.
  • We keep up to date with changes in lender policy, interest rate movements and turnaround times.
  • We don’t offer you just one bank’s products like a bank would.
  • We do the research for you. Whether you want to know about offset options, cheapest 3 year fixed rates, debt consolidation, interest only loans we have the knowledge and the tools to find the best products on the market.

At Murray Home Loans we go further than most.  We are Mortgage Planners & Brokers.  This is because we look at how a proposed loan will fit into your overall plans – how much it saves you, how much easier it makes life, how it fits into your short and long term goals.  We don’t just look for the cheapest loan might as it might not be the best loan for you …… you might need the quickest lender, or the maximum borrowing capacity or a self-employed specialist.

We can also assist with property history, house price comparisons, rental comparisons and other information.  Whilst we can’t advise you on what property to invest in we have plenty of information to share with you.

We also make ourselves available through the entire process.  So if you are purchasing a house for the first time we can help you with everything from savings goals, getting the application prepared, keeping your real estate and conveyancer informed, preparing the first home owners grant, going through the loan documents and checking in with you periodically to see the loan is delivering all it promised.

Top 5 reasons for using a Murray Home Loans:

  • No cost to you

    Our home loan service is at no charge to customers because the lenders pay mortgage brokers a commission on home loan settlement.  This doesn’t affect the deal you get from the lender – if anything using a broker usually gets a better outcome that going to the lender directly.

  • The right loan for you

    Tap into your broker’s expertise at no charge and save yourself time and hassle looking for the right home loan option, with peace of mind that Murray Home Loans has your best interests at heart.

  • Find the right lending policy for you

    As mortgage products becoming increasingly complex, the need for expert advice and guidance is growing.  Lending policy varies for every lender in many, many ways.  Everything from casual income to overtime income, self-employed income, Government benefits, living expenses and even treatment of existing liabilities differs.  Murray Home Loans has the experience to guide you through this.

  • Which lender

    Other brokers might not admit this but yes, there is a small difference in the commission paid by different lenders.  However, you will not find this influencing our recommendations to you.  We are open and transparent with this from the beginning.

  • Anywhere, any time (almost!)

    Murray Home Loans offers the flexibility to talk with you or meet with you around your working day.  From a base in Port Macquarie we have written loans for customers everywhere from inner city Sydney to Melbourne suburbs, Brisbane townhouses, Perth, Broome, Orange, rural Tasmania, regional NSW, the QLD beaches and all around the Port Macquarie area itself.  With the benefits technology offers these days we can accomplish so much by email, telephone, Skype and Facetime.  So don’t be limited by where you are.

So, speak to Murray Home Loans and enjoy the home loan process.

Ask yourself:

Are you sure you can find the best mortgage on your own?